Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First stomach bug

I guess it had to happen sometime! Other than getting thrush as a newborn and a few sniffles here and there, Raedyn has been perfectly healthy for the last year. Yesterday I noticed she was a little fussy and tired. We were going to go to The Little Gym but I decided to keep her home just in case. I was sitting down on the computer chair and she came up to me and wanted to cuddle. Now that she's walking, this doesn't happen often so I was enjoying it while it lasted! Without warning she throws up ALL OVER ME! She has never actually thrown up before besides the normal baby spit-up. My clothes, the chair, and the floor were covered but somehow Raedyn only ended up with a little on her arm. She seemed fine afterwards and she didn't have a fever so I wasn't too worried but we hung out at home most of the day just in case. She threw up one more time just before going to bed and that was it.

She's been fine today so we went to the park to have a picnic and play around a little. It wasn't too bad in the shade while we were eating but in the sun it was so hot! We didn't stay long but it was nice to get out of the house.

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