Monday, August 22, 2011

The Little Gym

I have been looking for things to do during the day to get me and Raedyn out of the house. I checked out the website for The Little Gym and found out they let you go to an introductory class for free! Raedyn and I went today and she had a blast! She wasn't as shy as I thought she might be and by the end she was off exploring by herself. I really liked the format and how the class had some structure but was still laid back. The instructor let us know not to worry if the little ones wanted to wander off instead of sit and participate the whole time. The class we went to was for 10-19 months so most of them have pretty short attention spans. It's $88 a month which isn't too bad since you get to go to 2 classes per week. You sign up for one class per week and can pick any other class to go to for free. I'll have to fill Travis in on the payment part of it but I hope we'll be able to work it into the budget.

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  1. Cool idea! We used to do something like that with other military families so it did not cost us anything but time. There is something called M&M in some churches which means Mommy and Me but anytime she is interacting with others, it's a good thing for you both. You are such a good mommy!