Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 1

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts.

This is me.
Well a very made-up me! My sister-in-law had fun doing my hair and make-up for this picture.

15 facts
(I can't promise they'll be interesting)
1. I'm extremely shy...until you get to know me
2. I lived in the same house for the first 18.5 years of my life
3. I grew up in a tiny town in southern New Hampshire
4. I can bend my elbows backwards and clap with one hand
5. My husband proposed at Fenway Park 5 months after we started dating
6. I originally moved to Arizona to go to college with my high school boyfriend
7. I graduated high school with high honors
8. I was always the "good girl" in high school but had one night of rebellion involving a B&E
9. I had stitches 3 times before I entered Kindergarten
10. I used to be a gymnast
11. I never had a single craving while pregnant
12. I am a Christian
13. I met my husband on a 5 week mission trip to Kenya
14. My favorite place to be is on a speeding boat on Lake Winnipesaukee
15. I care way to much about what people think of me

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